Hailing from the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Dillon Gentry is a multi-talented graphic designer, pre-press whisperer, and all-around good guy. Born and raised in Portland, he learned at an early age to enjoy bicycles, wet dogs, and making artsy stuff.
       As an angsty teenager, Dillon created countless stickers, t-shirts and album covers for bands, zines, and all that other stuff that the kids did way back in the 90s. Following his ambitious dream to become a bartender, he continued to create shirts, logos, and ephemera for the different establishments he poured beer at. It took him a bit longer than it should have for him to realize that this was an actual skill called graphic design. Sometime in the mid-2000s our hero decided to hunker down and figure out how to make rad art for a living instead of mixing drinks and mopping up vomit every night. He scored a graphic design degree and made it official.
       On this website you will find examples showcasing his talent and proficiency in both design and good old-fashioned down-and-dirty production art.
       Dillon is one of those ex-punk-rocker-cool-dads and a dang good husband. He might tell you he plays the guitar, but I wouldn't ask him to bust out any original material (at least not until you've both had a few beers). When he isn't writing web bios in the third-person he is playing beer-league hockey, podcasting, and searching for the world's best burrito.